Internal Township Services - Residential, Commercial and Industrial

 - Gravel and surfaced streets
 - Sewer-, water- and storm water reticulation
 - Rehabilitaion of existing streets

Bulk Engineering Services

 - Bulk water supply line
 - Water purification works
 - Water storage systems
 - Water supply network analyses
 - Sewage treatment works - upgrading and new
 - Sewage oxidation ponds
 - Water and sewage pump stations

Bulk Earthworks, Parking Areas and Terraces

- Bulk earthworks modeling
 - Balancing of earthworks volumes

Cost Estimates and Feasibility Studies for Property Development

National and Provincial Roads

- Geometric design, documentation and Construction

Social Upliftment Projects

 - Needs and project identification
 - Motivation for funding procurement
 - Community involvement
 - Design & documentation, project management,
    construction implementation and contract
 - Application for CMIP funds
 - Project facilitation in order to obtain Provincial
    Housing Board's approval for housing subsidies.
    product management of housing projects.

Building services

 - Site services
 - Parking areas
 - Stormwater drainage
 - NHBRC inspections and certificates

Urban Stormwater Management Master Planning

 - Pre- development and post- development runoffs
 - Stormwater retention ponds
 - Determination of flood lines

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